Capture The Flag

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In keeping with the hands-on spirit, once again this year's CTF has a great number of cyber range challenges that will give you a chance to test out testing/attack tools in a safe and authorized environment. 

This year will continue to use the industrial automation company introduced in 2022 as a backdrop for both corporate and cyber physical targets. True threat actors follow paths toward compromising their targets, paths we have tried to simulate within the cyber range while keeping things safe and legal. Two rather unique targets in this CTF are a command and control network written from the ground up specifically for this conference and an autonomous public transit train. 

While we can't top last year's "hack-a-Tesla, win a Tesla", conference organizers have once again come up with a number of great prizes for the top finishers. This is a generalist CTF requiring a mix of white, black and grey hat skills with both a blue and red mindset. While some challenges could be answered with a web browser or online service, many will require a laptop and test tools, a Kali VM or something similar. Wireless hacking equipment like a wifi card supporting monitor mode or a flipper could also come in handy.

The CTF is free for all conference attendees, see for registration and check your know-before-you-go email for the registration code.