Capture The Flag

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BSides Calgary 2022 CTF is open to all players of any skill level, with no qualification required. Come on by, try out the game, learn something new, and meet interesting people! 

BSides Calgary traditionally provides attendees hands-on opportunities to work with computer attack and defense technology in a safe manner and this year’s conference includes multiple challenge courses. A special CTF area has been made available, complete with network connectivity to targets and internet so bring your hacking laptop and any specialty testing tools to make the most of your CTF experience. 

Our flagship event will be an IOT village, created by Ottawa’s Village ID/IOT Labs, right here in Calgary thanks to sponsorship from iON United.  This is not just a technology exhibition; it is a full fledged CTF event seen at major international security conferences like Defcon. Participants will be hacking numerous off-the-shelf devices such as home appliances, routers, digital storage arrays, cameras and more. 

We’ll be tracking progress on the CTF board over the two days of BSides Calgary to see who gets bragging rights and prizes.  

The best attackers may know a bit about defense, but the best defenders will have the chance to show off their skills through the Blue Team challenge provided by CrowdStrike. A threat hunting CTF, this challenge can be accessed virtually and includes forensic investigation challenges using CrowdStrike’s Falcon platform.

For those new to security testing, or feeling rusty, Hacking 101 is back for another year with a slight twist. Use your new/renewed hacking prowess to compete on a CTF track of your own. Bow Valley College is again making web enabled hacking platforms available for those that want to participate outside of the workshop hours. 

Finally, in celebration of our ability to meet in person again, the RF hacker challenge includes a Tesla parked within radio transmission distance and the owner’s permission to try hacking in.  Other radio-controlled targets, potentially more vulnerable than a Tesla, will also be onsite. Additionally, there will be a daily workshop covering data over radio basics and the chance to build your own radio transmitter using an Arduino or Raspberry Pi.