BSIDES Calgary

BSides Calgary 2022

October 20-21

Twitter: @bsides_calgary

LinkedIn: B|Sides Calgary

Guess who's back?

We're back, with a hybrid event, hosted at Bow Valley College, October 20-21st! The event schedule can be found here.

BSides Calgary is a not-for-profit foundation that aims to promote cybersecurity and the networking of cybersecurity professionals in Calgary and across Alberta. BSides Calgary is a high caliber gathering for information security professionals, hackers, coders, students and the greater tech community. Attendees of BSides Calgary conferences will share, discuss and learn about information security, privacy and technology.

BSides Calgary 2021 Stats

2 Days

1 CTF Competition

5 Workshops

6 Tracks

7 Community Groups

38 Speakers

400+ Attendees

We'd like to thank our committee for their involvement on the BSides Calgary 2021 event: Steve Porter, Doug Leece, Quinn Kramer, Vaughn Ravenscroft and James Cairns; as well as our volunteers working tirelessly behind the scenes.